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Kamas, UT

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A Little Bit About

Kamas, UT

Kamas, UT is located in Summit County, UT. Kamas is part of the Salt Lake City, Utah area. The main industries in the area are cattle ranching and lumber. Kamas, UT is the opening point for the annual High Uintas Classic. This is a 2-day mountain bike race that takes place each summer. It goes from Mirror Lake Highway through downtown Kamas and over the Bald Mountain Pass. Kamas, UT is also known for its Fiesta Days which is celebration of Pioneer Day. Fiesta Days includes a demolition derby, rodeos, and a parade.

Kamas, UT is known for its cattle industry. This is one of the reasons J.A. Norton Construction Inc. offers barn and garage contractor services. We know the importance of a properly build garage and barn. These are places where you make your living and we will customize them so that they make your life easier. Kamas, UT derived from Camassia quamash. Which is Native American for food source. This is how the area became such a large cattle industry. The area is also known for the High Uintas Wilderness which is an area that covers the Uinta Mountains. We know you work hard with your cattle and this is the reason why we offer such quality products at a great rate. We appreciate our fellow business owners and will do everything in our power to ensure you get the garage or barn you want.